Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the blogs I follow

A lot of the blogs I follow are about race and gender.

Race and gender are issues close to my heart. Although I believe race is scientifically gibberish rubbish, it exists in the way society treats fellow members of society and in that case it is very real indeed. I believe that people of various genders whether male, female, intersex and any other categories I've missed are all equal. We may not be completely the same but we are still all equal. Maybe it's my Catholic upbringing with the Holy Trinity, maybe it's my fascination with parallel universes... but I find the "different but equal" concept easy to swallow. I'm an agnostic and I don't think I'll ever do anything bad enough for the Church to give a whoopie doo enough to excommunicate me.

Discussions about race and gender seem to be a magnet for trolls and narrow-minded bigots. It upsets me very much. My medical *cough* mental condition means I tend to over-think... generally things like "I want to kill everyone" or "I want to kill myself" or a variation between those two thoughts.

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